Gift Card


• This gift card can be exchanged by services and/or products at Gleiton Pedro Studio.

You can add more than one gift card until you reach the amount you want to gift.

• If you want a themed and custom gift card, please, fill in all the information requested below.

• You will receive the gift card by e-mail and you can send it to your loved one on your own behalf.

• Valid for a year.


You can see the all available cards here: 


Gift Card

Celebration Card
    • As shipping method, choose “Pick Up at the Studio/Gift Card”, to avoid unneeded shipping costs.
    • Please remind we don’t have physical themed cards to provide you. Finishing your purchase, you will receive TWO e-mails within 24 hours:  1- Your purchase order and  2- Themed and custom Gift Card, in case you have chosen it


    • Share with your loved one the custom card and purchase order.
    • They can make their appointment by calling us and giving the purchase order to our receptionist.
    • The gift card amount should be used for only one opportunity/visit to our studio.
    • The gift card can be shared between two or more people, but always during the same visit to our studio.


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